3 Things You Can Store in a Pole Barn

Pole barns are more than immaculate structures. They are also a great storage option whenever the need arises. What exactly can you store in a pole barn? We’re glad you asked! Here’s 3 things you can store in a pole barn


Not everyone has a ton of space for their herd. In addition, it’s important to have a place to keep your cattle warm during the dead of winter. Pole barns can be made to fit all kinds of livestock comfortably. Cows, horses, goats–you name it! As long as you allocate enough space per animal, a pole barn can act as a great living space for them.

Tractors & Motorcycles

Everyone needs somewhere to keep their tractors and motorcycles in the winter. With a pole bar, you’ll have a place to store and conduct maintenance on them. If done right, you can use your pole barn to ensure that your tractor, motorcycle, and atv is in tip-top-shape come springtime. 

RVS & Campers

If you own one of these bohemithe and massively useful vehicles, then the last thing you want is to have to worry about it getting damaged during the off season. With a pole barn, you’ll be able to ensure that your camper remains safe and sound until you’re ready to hit the road with it again.

Ready to Install a Pole Barn? Call CHA Pole Barns

CHA builds pole barns that last. If you’re serious about upgrading your storage capabilities, then contact us today: we’ll design and construct a pole barn that will blow you away. 

I want to send you and your crew of young gentlemen a special thank you. I know it was a challenge, but you did a great job. I love the roof – it looks so unique. I am so glad I choose it and so very glad to have you all to it it on.

Thank you for dealing and being so good to my son Brian. He has stopped several times by people driving by and also customers wanting to know where it came from and to know who did the work. As you know we will highly recommend you and your crew. Again thank you.

Becky Dunn